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S05 Bathroom Smart Mirror - The new Idea of bathroom smarter mirror


S05 Bathroom Smart Mirror, the entry-level smart mirror, the smart Lighted Bathroom Mirror with Defogger, Dimmer, Memory, and the big size of the touch screen. In fact, this is a copper-free mirror made of float glass with polished edges for finger protection while the 5mm thickness ensures higher stability than thinner grades. This S05 bathroom smart-mirror is 3-times durable than conventional mirrors and can be used in high-humidity locations, based on our testing, the android smart mirrors can last 8 - 10 years, which is very close to the traditional mirrors. On the other hand, this mirror features upgraded led-lights that are brighter coupled with 58% wider LED strips than last generations for a better makeup experience. It also features a touch-switch for color changing and dimmer step-less with memory while the defogger function can be turned off separately. Likewise, this S05 bathroom smart mirror is IP65-rated for safe use in bathrooms while its fine-aluminum frame ensures maximum reliability. This modern mirror can be used pluggedin or hardwired, an very easily installed smart mirror.


S05 bathroom smart mirror specifications


+ Android 5.1 OS

+ Built-in Vercon software to support Amazon video, Spotify music, map, health management, app installation, Amazon shopping, and ESPN

+ 1080P all mounted display

+ 10 points capacitive touch screen with 15.6" to 21.5 inch

+ Speaker, Wifi and Bluetooth Built-in

+The built-in software support language of English, Germany, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, etc

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