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Smart technology

Smart mirror is new mainstream mirror, which completely different from the traditional LED mirror, by connecting Wifi and Bluetooth, and build-in smart device, 21.5 inch touch screen, you can access to all online information, news, weather and traffic, play video or music.  However, you can also disconnect the function.  The choice is yours!

功能介绍 (2).jpg

Built-in led lighting | give your best reflection

Smart mirror with built-in high quality led lighting, you can adjust the brightness to 3 different level and infinitely choose the color temperature.  Simply by a touch, smart mirror gives you the best atmospheres suits your mood or dressing.

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Always clear screen | Auto defog smart mirror

Your smart mirror will never in the mist, even after a long shower, you always have a clear view.  It's automatic activated as soon as the mart mirror is switched on.

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